Charis Bible College Australia » Hybrid Program

The Hybrid Program is a unique blend of on-campus and correspondence study and thus is a “hybrid” of the two. This option is available as a one year program for first, second or third-year study. 

Students will study assigned courses at home using our online Learning Management System, then join fellow classmates for live teaching, oral presentations, share times, evangelistic training, worship, fellowship, guest speakers and much more. This interaction will help put into practice what is studied at home. During this time students are able to fellowship with like-minded believers and build relationships with each other that lasts a lifetime!

Charis Hybrid is for the person who lives too far away to come in everyday, or whose career or family obligations need to be fulfilled, yet has the desire to gain a deeper understanding of the Word and their relationship with God.

We currently have one Hybrid Program available in Australia.

Gold Coast: 9:30 AM –  4:30 PM, Every 2nd Saturday
Melbourne: Coming soon

Enrol in the Charis Hybrid Program and enjoy wonderful fellowship with like-minded believers as you are transformed by the amazing message of God’s unconditional love and grace.