Charis Bible College Australia First Year - Charis Bible College Australia

Biblical Training

Charis is a bible college unlike any other, where it’s not about the academics but rather an empowerment of identity and an enriched relationship with God. The teachers and staff at Charis are here to encourage each student to be able to hear and know God’s voice. Relationship and finding your unique purpose is our priority.

At Charis Bible College our only textbook is the Bible. In the first year students will prepare their hearts by building a solid foundation in the Word of God. The purpose of first-year is to renew minds and transform hearts to be rooted and grounded in His love. The curriculum was designed to give students a solid Biblical foundation with an emphasis on faith, grace and walking with the Holy Spirit through the work of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Classes include Relationship with God, Basics of Righteousness, Introduction to the Bible, Fruit of the Spirit, and many others that will challenge any religious bone in your body and inspire you to go deeper.

Practical Service Hours

An important aspect of College life is Practical Service Hours. We are seeking to train up servant leaders that are doers of the word and not hearers only. Through this students learn to serve from a heart attitude of love rather than a “works” mentality. For this reason the practical service hours component is built into the first year program and is a requirement of attending Charis Bible College and as such will be graded. There are many opportunities to serve depending on your interests, talents and availability.

Upon completion of the first-year program, students receive a Certificate of Biblical Studies and are eligible to enter the second-year Practical Ministry Training at Charis Bible College. Apply to begin your training!