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Practical Ministry

Where the first year sets your foundation in the Word, the second year builds upon it. During the second year, the revelation in the Word continues to grow through teaching that further equips for practical application. Second-year courses such as New Testament Survey, Excellence in Ministry, Establishing a Prosperous soul, Answers to Important Questions, Biblical Leadership and Making of a Minister will further progress your training. An integral part of the program is practical participation in oral presentations designed to help fine-tune and develop skills such as teaching, public speaking, sacerdotal duties, leading prayer, and more.


Second year students help raise funds for their mission trips that are an essential component for the completion and graduation of the second year program. Students will have the opportunity to put into practice what has been learned in class as they get involved in teachings, evangelism, children’s ministry, prayer ministry, prison ministry, skits, and so much more. Students learn how to function as a team in a foreign culture and unfamiliar surroundings, as well as how to share the Gospel and sometimes communicate through an interpreter. This is an excellent training ground for taking the Gospel of Christ to the nations of the world. These mission trips impact the lives of students and nations for eternity!

Charis mission trips are typically between 10-12 days in length and are scheduled throughout the school year. Locations change from year to year based upon hosts and scheduling restrictions.

Ministerial Licence

Upon the successful completion of the second-year Practical Ministry Training, the student will receive a Certificate of Practical Ministry and their minister’s licence from Andrew Wommack Ministries Colorado. Graduate students are then eligible to apply for the Third-Year Program.

We offer the following programs to 2nd year students:

Full-time On-Campus Program: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Monday – Friday
Full-time Hybrid Program: 9:30 AM –  4:30 PM, Every 2nd Saturday