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Leadership Training

Charis Gold Coast has a very unique Third Year Leadership Program that combines instruction in ministry and business from a biblical perspective. The Third Year program goes one step deeper as instructors teach live and via video from their experience on the intimate realities of what it takes to operate a full time ministry, business, or both!

In the ministry classes instructors will share, in depth, from their own personal experience on what it means to be an effective leader of God’s people. Students will be taught by Pastors and Leaders such as Andrew Wommack, Greg Mohr, Barry Bennett, Carrie Pickett, and many more. The instructors give a great balance, from sincerity and vulnerability, of the joys and the hardships you will face as a minister.

Learning business God’s way is essential to success. Students will be taught, by successful Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders such as Paul Milligan, Billy Epperhart, Dean Radtke, Ashley Terradez and many more. They will learn the principles of how God has given us the power to get wealth and how to apply those principles from the Word to life and business.

Students are provided with practical exercises and leadership opportunities to equip them to build and understand the operational side of business and ministry. Some examples are teaching, leading groups, preparing a business or ministry proposal, and so much more.

Expect to be stretched, expect to confidently know what God is leading you to do next and expect to be challenged to look at business and ministry in a whole new light – the light of the Gospel!

We offer the following programs to 3rd year students:

Full-time On-Campus Program: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Monday – Friday
Full-time Hybrid Program: 9:30 AM –  4:30 PM, Every 2nd Saturday